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1st ClassRoom Review
1st ClassRoom Review
1st ClassRoom use tablets and smart mobiles devices in education connected to centralized workgroup digital screen table that engage group of students to collaborate on one work place project assigned by teacher knowing that workgroup teaching  is one of the most important teaching methodology and strategy  required for 21st century education
1st ClassRoom Provides likable learning environment using technology for teaching that solve concentration and understanding of the delivered learning activities.
1st ClassRoom regulate teachers need as effective teaching tool for collaboration, manage and control work groups easily and further more collecting and sharing students  outputs results inside, beyond classroom and into classroom.
Green ICT friendly usage technology that save huge amounts of hard copy papers works spent on learning activities.
1st ClassRoom is typical solution for one point focus to apply multiple intelligences and learning styles that provide knowledge to all students equally.
1st ClassRoom works and runs on any OS Operating System and with any software application also can be connected by cables or wireless or using cloud technology connectivity to teacher and between individuals workgroups .
1st ClassRoom is healthier than any other similar solutions like interactive tables where no need to touch the main screen to use it, this means 12 students fingers input on same surface! While 1st ClassRoom controlled remotely from students tablets and smart devices where interaction through each student device into the screen surface which avoid transition of diseases .
1st ClassRoom provides more workspace vision area when interacting specially when students use virtual keyboards from their own tablets and smart devices comparing with six virtual keyboards booking space at the interactive table surface that shrunk the working area and disturb students .
1st ClassRoom is more affordable comparing to any interactive table which saves more than 75% of the total interactive table price with more efficiency , and easier to support with almost all hardware and screens suppliers spare parts and easy to support and fix.
1st ClassRoom can be used for individual and groups assessments without viewing same information area so students can work individually on their own devices but share the same problems to solve.    
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