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Top 10 - 3T - Number 6: All Platforms 1st ClassRoom works and runs on any OS Operating System and with any software application also can be connected by Read More
Top 10 - 3T - Number 7: Controlled Remotely 1st ClassRoom is healthier than any other similar solutions like interactive tables where no need to touch the main screen to use it Read More
Top 10 - 3T - Number 8: More Workspace Vision 1st ClassRoom provides more workspace vision area when interacting specially when students use virtual keyboards from their own tablets Read More
Top 10 - 3T - Number 9: Affordable 1st ClassRoom is more affordable comparing to any interactive table which saves more than 75% of the total interactive table price Read More
Top 10 - 3T-Number 10: Individual+Groups Work 1st ClassRoom can be used for individual and groups assessments without viewing same information area so students can work individually Read More
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